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Independent Dog Behaviour Specialist

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Does your dog bark incessantly or guard their food, beds or toys? Have you ever wondered what you can do about it?

I would love the opportunity to come and meet you and your dog to work out what has been going on and how we can make the dog/owner relationship more fulfilling.

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About me

I have always loved dogs, but working full time in London meant that it wasn’t fair to get one until my husband and I suddenly inherited Dougal, a west highland Terrier who was 5 at the time. There wasn’t an option to find him another home, I just started to work from home more until I was there every day. It was at that time that I started to do an advanced dog behaviour diploma and used Dougal in a lot of my case studies along with various holiday boarding dogs that I was now looking after. Having dogs from all kinds of breeds was brilliant – I often worked on any behaviour issues whilst the owner was off on holiday and I  loved seeing the change in both the owner and the dog. Having now achieved my dog diploma I have now given up my corporate job to be a full time dog behaviourist.

I use positive reinforcement to change behaviours and help owners to read their dogs body language so they can be prepared for any scenario. I want the dog and owner relationship to change and become a happier one.

I do a full consultation with all members of the family that have two and four feet. I will provide a detailed report that includes an initial training plan. I am happy for my clients to call me with any questions and I will regularly check on progress and do at least one follow-up visit.

I am also the local stockist for Perfect Fit Harnesses, which with a double ended lead can help take back the control when you have a dog pulling you down the road.

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The Benefits

How I can help


Common Issues

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Barking
  • Aggressive in play
  • Biting or nipping
  • Recall
  • Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety


  • Initial assessment
  • Positive reward based training
  • Building confidence in the dog and owner
  • Follow-up sessions
  • on-call advice
  • Training in your own home and local area

Happy pets

  • Confident, happy pets = confident happy Owners
  • Consistency in the household
  • Time out
  • Knows its boundaries
  • Wagging Tail
  • Being able to interpret your dogs body language


Behaviour Consultation

Duration – 1-3 hours
(depending on the issues)

1 dog – £50*

2 dogs – £75*

Follow-up consultations

Duration – 1 hour

1 dog – £20*

2 dogs – £30*

*Within 15 miles of Redhill, Surrey. Additional travel costs may be incurred outside of this area.
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Case Studies


Tibetan Terrier
Adult – Male


Red Setter
Adult – Male


Collie Cross
Adult – Male


“We watched all the Ceaser Milan episodes and were determined to be the alpha person and assert ourselves with Max. I truly believe that this did more damage with Max at the beginning as it made him more scared and therefore more reactive.  It’s only when we started with positive training that we started seeing the progress. The shouty, angry, growly approach just aggravated the whole situation and made him more anxious”

Maria, Paul and Max

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I always work in my clients local area especially if the issue occurs outside as it is important to get to know your local dog community so you know who your dog can socialise with, but also those dogs that may need more space.

I am based in Redhill, Surrey, but happy to travel to other parts of Surrey, Sussex and Kent.


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